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Visceral Fat Newsletter

     Visceral Fat is a silent killer. Carrying too much Visceral Fat is a serious health problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, the dangers of high Visceral Fat is: Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and high cholesterol *1.

     What is Visceral Fat? Visceral Fat is the fat around the organs in the abdominal cavity. If you go to the doctor for Visceral Fat measurements, they will often calculate it using BMI for a rough estimate, or need expensive imaging done to tell how much you have. Having a way to monitor Visceral Fat at home will help you stay on top of your health. The lower the measurement the better.


Knowing could save your life.

     TANITA designs and manufactures multiple consumer body composition scales that measure 10 body compositions such as:

     Scales such as the BC-549plus IRONMAN, BC-533 InnerScan, BC-585F FitScan, and the RD-901plus IRONMAN, are located in the Full Body Composition section of TANITA’s and's website.


BC-549plus IRONMAN
Body Composition Monitor with Athlete Mode
440 lb Capacity

BC-533 InnerScan
Body Composition Monitor
330 lb Capacity


BC-585F FitScan
Body Composition Monitor
330 lb Capacity      


 RD-901plus IRONMAN
Body Composition Monitor with Bluetooth
440 lb Capacity

     During this stay at home epidemic, you can use our scales to monitor and measure your visceral fat so you can live a longer, healthier life.

     Another innovative product TANITA offers to help monitor calories used during daily activity, is our Activity Monitors. These products are perfect for the health conscious consumers who want to track their daily progress. TANITA’s unique 3-Axes technology uses internal accelerometers to measure motion on the X, Y, and Z axes. This allows users to carry the activity monitors in a purse, pocket, or around the neck instead of the traditional belt clip-on. The 3-Axes ultimately improves convenience, and offers the ability to comfortably conceal.

     The AM-121E 3 Axes Activity Gauge (Pedometer), also uses advanced software to analyze motion to prevent the recording of false step, common to inferior or less sophisticated models. Measurements found on the AM-121E are:

   •  Activity graph
   •  Step counter
   •  Distance
   •  Activity time
   •  Clock
   •  Seven-day memory
   •  Total energy expenditure (TEE)
   •  Activity-Related Energy Expenditure (AEE)
   •  Metabolic Equivalent (MET)

AM-121E 3-Axes Activity Gauge (Pedometer)


     The AM-161 Bluetooth Activity Monitor is smart phone compatible with both IOS or Android. Measurements found on the AM-161 are:

   •  Steps taken
   •  Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)
   •  Activity-Related Energy Expenditure (AEE)
   •  Resting Calories
   •  Total Distance
   •  Amount of fat burned
   •  Activity Time

AM-161 Bluetooth Activity Monitor

     It also includes a FREE TANITA Healthy Edge Mobile App! (Download from either iTunes or Google Play) The AM-161 has memory for 7 days when viewed on its display, or over 15 days when downloading onto your Smartphone using the TANITA Healthy Edge Mobile app.

     If you just want to accurately record your steps, then the FB-731 3-Axes TANITA Pedometer would work for you.

FB-731 3-Axes Pedometer

   Health experts recommend 10,000 steps a day for a healthy lifestyle. How many steps have you taken today?


     Not only are we pleased to provide you with reliable accurate products, we also give the extra assurance of the best warranty in the industry.

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     During our current Coronavirus epidemic, our offices are here to support you. We are still available to offer customer service and next day shipping on orders. We're in this together.

     Get a FREE FB-731 with the purchase of any TANITA Full Body Composition scale with the promotional code NLM1 on

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