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The Age of Social Distancing

     Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic while social distancing is a new obstacle millions now face. Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying home during the pandemic is just as important as pre-pandemic, if not more so. Having to stay at home changes the dynamic of movement that would otherwise be performed,  such as working on site,  climbing the office stairs,  or going to the gym.  Not only does the new pandemic lifestyle affect adults but children as well.

     Kids staying home during the pandemic means no Physical Education (P.E.), sports or recess. This means less physical activity and more sitting around staring at the screen.   School, in some places, is restricted to distant learning, connecting with friends and family is now online, as well as shopping or placing an order for take-out.

     With all the restrictions in place due to the pandemic how is one to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Adults and kids are not as physically active as they use to be.

     However, there are still ways to keep active such as hiking or taking an online workout class. But how would one be able to track their progress of their fluctuating lifestyle? With Tanita’s Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology you’ll be able to monitor your progress to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

     Did you know that Tanita’s BIA is safe for kids?  For children between the ages 7-17, Tanita’s BIA can distinguish fat and lean body mass, or fat free mass, and is FDA cleared*1. This gives parents and care givers valuable information to help encourage children to make healthy lifestyle choices. Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) alone can be misleading since they cannot distinguish fat from lean body mass. Being able to monitor children’s fat levels can help combat childhood obesity as well.

     Tanita’s consumer scales that can help you and your family monitor not only weight but body composition are the BC-533 and the BC-568. The UM-081 is a body fat / body water monitor that can help track body fat levels and hydration. Each of these scales will tell you the body fat % for children ages 7-17.

UM-081 Body Fat and Body Water Monitor - 330 lb Capacity

     The UM-081 measures weight, and calculates body fat % and body water % using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis or BIA. BIA sends a low safe electrical signal that passes through the fluids in the body. In muscle tissue, the BIA signal passes freely and hits resistance when it meets fat tissue. This technology along with your user profile (gender, age and height) will quickly and reliably calculate body fat for children and adults, and body water for adults. Body fat monitoring is an essential tool for measuring your body’s inner health.

BC-533 InnerScan Body Composition Monitor - 330 lb Capacity

     The BC-533 InnerScan, Body Composition Monitor, not only calculates Weight and Body Fat %, but also 7 other full-body measurements, including Daily Caloric Intake (DCI). The DCI measurement will help those who count calories stay on track, and let you know what your personal  Daily  Caloric Intake should be. Other measurements for adults include: Muscle Mass, Physique Rating, Body Water %, Metabolic Age,  Bone Mass,  and Visceral Fat Rating.  For children (ages 7-17),  the  BC-533 will only display Weight and Body Fat  %,  and all 9 body composition measurements will display for adults.

BC-568 InnerScan Segmental Body Composition Monitor - 330 lb Capacity

     The BC-568 InnerScan, Segmental Body Composition Monitor, has retractable hand-grip electrodes as well as feet electrodes. These 8 electrodes (4 on the platform and 2 on each handle) will give you a breakdown of the body fat % for each body segment:  truck, left arm,  left leg,  right arm, right leg. The segmental body fat % measurement also works for children ages 7-17 with a User Profile.

     The other full-body measurements on the BC-568 that are applicable for ages 18-99 are: Muscle Mass, Physique Rating,  Body Water %,  Daily Caloric Intake (DCI),  Metabolic Age, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, Segmental Body Fat %, and Segmental Muscle Mass.

     Tanita’s consumer scales are not the only ones that are kid friendly. Tanita’s professional scales, such as the SC-240, are equipped to get weight and body fat measurements from kids as young as 5. The SC-240 has a built-in travel handle on top and will give measurements for weight, BMI, Fat % and Total Body Water on the scale’s display. When the SC-240 is paired with the Tanita Professional Software Health Ware the body composition measurements jumps to 25!

SC-240 Bundle: Scale with Health Ware® Software and USB Cable - 440 lb Capacity *Laptop NOT Included

     With Tanita’s Professional Software, Health Ware,  the additional body composition analysis you gain are:  Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass (FFM), Muscle Mass,  Physique Rating (Body Type), Total Body Water Mass, Total Body Water %, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Daily Caloric Intake (DCI), Metabolic Age, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat Rating, Impedance, Data Analysis for: BMI, Body Fat, Total Body Water %, Target Weight, Target BMI, Target Body Fat %, Target Water,  Ideal Body Weight, Degree of Obesity, BMR Score, Muscle Score, and the ability to print out your results.

     With these measurements you will gain an in-depth individual analysis of body composition with clinically proven accuracy to provide you a clearer picture than just  BMI alone.

     Tanita wants to help you achieve your fitness and diet goals which is why we do research and validation studies and are also trusted by industry experts. To receive a 3% discount on any Consumer Scale enter in the Promo Code Sept2020 on the on check out.

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