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     Whether you’re an aspiring Ironman triathlon contender or an aging veteran of life, there are some guidelines and body composition measurements that will tell you how well you’re taking care of yourself.

     Long distance athletes and the elderly both need to monitor and try to maintain higher levels of Hydration. Hydration is like fuel in the tank of your car and will determine how far one can push their body and as we age, making sure we stay as healthy as possible. What is your body’s hydration Level?

     One of the most important factors in participating in an Ironman Event is hydration.  It is crucial for an athlete to be fully aware of one’s levels.  The minimum levels of healthy body water for a man is between 50-65% where a woman should range between 45-60%.  It is not uncommon for Ironman and other rigorous training events to see one  have over a 75%  total body water percentage.  A good rule of thumb to help keep you on track of staying hydrated is urinating every 2-3 hours.  In turn if you drink when you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

     Highly competitive athletes that compete in Ironman triathlons have learned many ways to manage and monitor their body composition measurements so to maximize their performance. Here are some examples: If you want to raise your percentage of hydration then lower your body fat percentage. By doing so, your muscle percentage increases and muscle hydrates better then body fat. It is not unusual to see top end Ironman contenders with body fat percentages in the single digits while their hydration levels are in the high 60’s or more. Many of one’s body composition measurements depend on age, height, sex and weight. These types of body composition scales come with documentation that provide you with what is average or healthy for your age and body type.

     The more we monitor and know about our bodies, the more we can affect a competitive and / or healthy life style.

     Did you know there is a simple device that can tell your hydration percentage, heart rate, and so much more about your body composition? Using a technology called Bio Impedance, all one has to do is stand on such a scale at night, before going to bed, and they can have anywhere from 3 body composition measurements to 30 different body composition measurements depending on their product model of choice.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

     A technological advancement in body composition is the measurement of muscle mass and muscle quality. This is a critical body composition measurement for athletes as well the aging. Why? Because we can lose muscle mass and quality of muscle as we age if we don’t stay active and monitor our bodies over time. This is a body composition measurement found only on the Tanita RD-545IM, RD-953 and the RD-901plus models.

RD-545IM IRONMAN, Segmental Body Composition Monitor, With Heart Rate and Bluetooth Compatibility - 440 lb Capacity

     The RD-545IM has taken Body Composition Monitors to a new level. The RD-545IM features Heart Rate, segmental body measurements as well as full body, and is also Bluetooth wireless compatible with iPhone and Android smart devices. On top of all this, the RD-545IM has an exclusive new technology to score your muscle quality. A high muscle quality score means that you have higher density of muscle fiber with little fat, water, and connective tissue. A low score means your muscle fiber is thinner and has higher levels of fat, water and connective tissue in the muscle.

     Another Body Composition Monitor that can score Muscle Quality is the RD-953.  The RD-953 also incorporates  the  very  latest FDA cleared Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. BIA is quick and non-invasive, and is one of the most thorough and reliable ways to measure body composition. Clinically comparable to DEXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) and hydrostatic (underwater) weighing.

RD-953 Full Body Composition Monitor, Bluetooth Compatible with iPhone & Android - 440 lb Capacity

     The RD-953 uses wireless Bluetooth technology. Monitoring muscle mass or hydration has never been easier.   Compatible with our FREE Healthy Edge® Mobile App, so your smart phone can record, analyze, and graph your results. The platform features a color coded LED display to quickly analyze your results and let you know if you’re in the desired range. 

     The RD-901plus IRONMAN Body Composition Monitor  also features Bluetooth, auto user recognition, and the FREE Healthy Edge® Mobile App.  The display is back-lit and  color coded to help you comprehend your body composition measurements without having to look them up. Red means unhealthy, yellow is on the borderline between healthy and unhealthy, and green is healthy.  

RD-901plus IRONMAN Body Composition Monitor, Compatible with Bluetooth iPhone & Android - 440 lb Capacity 

     The SC-240IM is a Professional IRONMAN product!  This is the first professional grade Ironman Body Composition Monitor used by chiropractors and Health Care facilities nationwide.   It  is  FDA Cleared and compatible with Tanita’s HealthWare Software that allows for full database management and progress reports for unlimited users. This is the perfect tool to monitor athlete’s training for an event or recovering from an injury since you can measure, graph, and analyze. Not only does the SC-240IM Bundle come with an extended warranty and includes software, but we also offer a FREE loaner should the SC-240IM ever need a loaner during the warranty period.

SC-240IM IRONMAN Body Composition Monitor Bundle

     The SC-240IM is a lightweight, highly portable Body Composition Monitor.  Weighing  just 10 pounds with a built-in handle,  the platform easily accommodates individuals up to 440 pounds.  The SC-240 can operate as a stand-alone device, or connect via USB to an external computer, and provides quick analysis with clinically proven accuracy (single license).

     The SC-240IM is a bundled package that provides everything needed to professionally monitor health and fitness.  Included is Tanita’s award winning HealthWare® software, offering the ability to easily measure, analyze and graph body composition data, and a USB cable to connect to your Windows based PC. HealthWare® software which provides custom data recording, tracking and analysis for an unlimited number of users.  Reports are easily printed using standard color printers, no special forms are required.

Tanita HealthWare® Body Composition Report Sample

     Tanita has done more research and validation studies than all of our competitors COMBINED.  Tanita is the only body composition manufacture that has a group of medical advisors called the Tanita Medical Advisory Board.  This group of well-renowned doctors will provide in-depth analysis and testing before any product is allowed to enter the market place.

       Each  month Tanita  releases a newsletter talking about body composition measurements and our products.  You can read and learn more by going to or

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