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AM-121E 3 Axes Activity Gauge (Pedometer)


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New From Tanita!

Health experts suggest 10,000 steps per day is optimal for living a healthy lifestyle. How many steps have you taken?

Tanita Corporation, the world's leader in precision electronic scales and body composition, introduces the new AM-121E 3-Axes/24hr Activity Gauge (pedometer) as the newest addition to their 3-axes activity monitor line. This model features an over-sized digital color display with a 24-hour activity graph.

Tanita's unique 3-Axes technology uses internal accelerometers to measure motion on the X,Y, and Z axes, allowing users to carry the AM-121E in a purse, pocket, or around the neck instead of the traditional belt clip-on, ultimately improving convenience, and offering the ability to comfortably conceal it. This monitor also uses advanced software to analyze motion to prevent the recording of false steps, common to inferior or less sophisticated models. 

In step with Tanita's unconditional guarantee of quality, performance, and innovation, the 3-Axes line tops the pedometer market, and the AM-121E is no exception. In addition to its color display, the AM-121E features a step counter, distance monitor, walking time monitor, clock and seven-day memory.

Unique technology allows you to carry the activity monitor in your pocket or around your neck instead of the traditional method of clipping it to your belt.

  • The ultimate activity monitor
  • Historical and graphing features for analysis
  • Provides metabolic caloric calculations


 AM-121E 3 Axes Activity Gauge (Pedometer)  Specification  Available
 Accessories  Magnetic Clip  Yes
 Strap  Yes
 Measurements  Activity Graph  Yes 
 Split Mode  Yes
 Clock  Yes
 Metabolic Equivalent (MET)  Yes
 Memory  Yes
 Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)  Yes
 Activity-related Energy Expenditure  (AEE)  Yes
 Activity Time  Yes
 Activity Distance  Yes
 Steps - Walk  Yes
 Warranty*  90 Days  Yes 
 Unit Weight  Ounces  0.8
 Grams  22.7
 Unit Size  Metric   5.6cm x   2.8cm 
 Imperial  2.2in x 1.1in


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