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Body Fat / Body Water Scales

Tanita's body water monitor scales use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), the same accurate technology used for body fat monitoring. BIA sends a safe, low-level electrical signal through the body. The signal passes freely through the fluids contained in muscle tissue and blood, but in encounters difficulty when passing through fat tissue, which contains little water. By using the impedance reading, gender, height and weight, the scale can quickly and reliably calculate body fat and total body water percentages.

Proper hydration is essential for life. Maintaining a healthy body water % improves overall health and keeps you feeling energized and operating at peak performance.

As a general guideline, the average TBW % ranges for a healthy adult are:

Female: 45 to 60% Male: 50 to 65%

Cleared by the FDA - all Tanita monitors have undergone a stringent review by the FDA to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality, and most accurate, products on the market. Your confidence is our priority. Tanita body fat and body composition scales are FDA cleared, IS YOURS? If not, return it and buy the real thing.