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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What is the difference between Pairing and Non-Pairing wireless scales?"

A:Tanita's radio wireless products using ANT+ technology offer two options. Select products are able to "link" to the receiving device by pairing with a serial number. This allows multiple scales and software programs or devices to be used in a close proximity at the same time without cross-talk or interference from other ANT+ signals. Non-pairing products, like the BC-1000, can be accessed from any device, watch, software, or handheld in range by connecting to the first one that sends a connecting signal. It will then block out any interfering signals until the measurement is completed, then it goes back into open listening mode.

Q: Are there optimal conditions for determining body fat percentage using Tanita's products?

A: Yes, there are:

  •      Select a consistent time of day, and stick to it.
  •      With an empty bladder
  •      When normally hydrated
  •      Unclean foot pads may interfere with conductivity.
  •      Nylons interfere with conductivity. If it is absolutely necessary to measure in nylons, use a drop of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol on the foot pads to act as a conductor.
  •      Early morning is NOT recommended because the body is often dehydrated after a night's sleep. The best time to take your measurements is before bed or late in the day. 
  •      Try and remain perfectly still since movement will affect the readings.

Once you have established your baseline, monitor body fat weekly. Checking body fat more frequently is not beneficial as changes occur slowly over time.
Things that can affect hydration include:

  •      Strenuous exercise
  •      Recent food intake
  •      Diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, certain medications

Q: Why does my body fat percent fluctuate?

A: The Tanita Body Fat Monitor/Scales use state of the art technology, BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis). This method of body fat analysis is very accurate and easy to use; however, changes in hydration levels can affect readings. If your body is dehydrated, you will likely experience a higher than normal reading. If you are over-hydrated, you could experience a slightly lower reading. To obtain the greatest accuracy and repeatability from our product, Tanita suggests the following protocol.

  • Take readings at the end of the day and at least 3 hours after, eating a large meal, or exercising.
  • Take readings once a week at the same time of day under the same conditions. (Note: Taking readings more than once per week is not beneficial since body fat does not change from day to day.)
  • Average your readings for the month.
  • Compare averages from month to month.

By following this format, hydration fluctuations throughout the month will average out, and you will be able to better assess any real change in your body fat percentage over time.

Q: Is the Body Fat monitor safe to use for women who are pregnant?

A: There is no known health risks associated with pregnant woman using the Tanita Body Fat Monitor/Scales. Since research has not been done on this population extensively we advise women who are pregnant to use the Body Fat Monitors for weight purposes only. Since there are dynamic physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, a pregnant woman cannot expect an accurate body fat reading. Since obtaining an accurate reading during pregnancy is not possible, it would not be recommended to monitor your body fat until after delivery

Q: Is the Body Fat Monitor safe to use if you have a medical device or implant?

A: Persons with pacemakers or other electronic medical implants should not use the monitor. Persons with non-electronic medical implants may safely use the monitor. Any metallic implant in your body could affect the body fat reading, giving a slightly lower than normal reading. However, since the metal will continue to have the same affect on the reading each time you use the monitor; you can still use the monitor to successfully track the relative change in body fat over time.

Q: How does the Tanita Body Fat Monitor determine my body fat?

A: Tanita uses it's own proprietary method of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

Q: Why is it important to monitor body fat percentage?

A: Measuring weight alone is not a completely accurate assessment of health or fitness because it doesn't distinguish pounds that come from fat and pounds that come from lean muscle mass. Everyone needs some body fat, but too much fat results in obesity--one of the most important public health issues in the United States. According to new federal guidelines, more than half of the US adult population are now overweight or obese, and one out of four children and adolescents is too fat.

Q: What is BMR & DCI?

A: Basal Metabolic Rate is the minimum level of energy need at rest to function effectively. A person with a high BMR can burn more calories at rest than a person with a low BMR. BMR is based on the level of muscle mass. Daily Calorie Intake is the amount of calories you can consume within 24 hours and still maintain your current weight. Our Ironman scales give the BMR feature and the Innerscan scales give DCI readings.

Q: How will I know if my Tanita Monitor needs recalibrating?(Professional Monitor Only)

A: An "Error" or "Sub" code might appear on the readout; the digital display might not "zero out" after your last measurement; or the results might be erratic and non-repeatable. Call customer service at 1-847-640-9241

Q: What type of maintenance is necessary?

A: There is simply no maintenance other than the use of alcohol to wipe the foot pads clean and glass cleaner to keep them shiny-always apply to a cloth first and then to the product; avoid soaps.

Q: Why are your scales FDA cleared?

A: All bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) scales sold by Tanita have been cleared by FDA for sale in the US. BIA scales are medical devices that are regulated by the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Section 510(k). This includes review and clearing an application for a BIA scale prior to its sale to ensure the scale is safe and effective. The FDA also subjects Tanita to periodic inspections to make sure that we comply with their manufacturing regulations as well. Other scale manufacturers bypass this clearance process, Tanita does not compromise, your confidence is our priority.

Q: I can receive my weight and body fat % but I can't get any of the other readings on the Innerscan Body Composition Monitor.

A: Once you have obtained your weight and body fat% step off of the scale. After stepping off of the scale you can press any of the other buttons to see your readings. The trick is to be off of the scale before pressing the other buttons.

Q: Why do I get different readings when I change the gender or height information?

A: At this time, there is no absolute measurement of body fat other than an autopsy. Other body fat measurement methods (i.e. Calipers, Underwater Weighing, BIA, etc.) will indirectly measure body fat. In order to determine body fat, an estimate is made from known measurements. Tanita uses the variables: height, weight and impedance to determine body fat percentage. These variables are used in a highly researched, proprietary formula to make the body fat assessment. If any of the variables are changed, the resulting body fat reading will also change. By artificially altering your height or weight, you will also alter the resulting reading. Because of the physiological differences between men and women, the monitors must be calibrated for men differently than women. Women will receive an incorrect low reading on the male mode and men will receive an incorrect high reading on the female mode. To obtain accurate readings, it is imperative that one use the proper gender mode. It is recommended that one monitor their body fat once a week, average the results for the month and then compare monthly averages to determine if there is a gain or loss of body fat over time. By eating right, exercising and monitoring your body fat, you are making the right steps for a healthier life.

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