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 AM-160 Bluetooth Activity Monitor Compatible with iPhone Only 

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Includes FREE Tanita Healthy Edge Mobile App (available on iTunes)

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Wireless Bluetooth Activity Gauge 

The Tanita AM-160 activity monitor uses advanced 3-axis Accelerometer technology to provide reliable and accurate measurements of daily activity. The versatility of this technology means the user can position the AM-160 anywhere on their body including in their pocket they find convenient. Auto detection provides accurate readings for low intensity running, walking, and other daily activities. Measurements include: Steps taken, Total Energy Expenditure (TEE), Activity-Related Energy Expenditure (AEE), Resting Calories (BMR), Amount of fat burned, and Total Activity Time. The AM-160 has memory for 7 days when viewed on its display, or over 15 days when downloading to software available on the Apple iPhone 4S or above.

The Tanita HealthyEdge® Mobile app automatically collects body composition data from the RD-901 and activity data from the AM-160. Available for iPhone (4S or higher) users, the Free HealthyEdge Mobile app makes tracking progress simple with easy-to-read charts, graphs and helpful assessments. Never before has so much detail been available for the average consumer, making it the perfect companion for fine-tuning any fitness or wellness activity.

  • Bluetooth activity monitor
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S or higher
  • Compatible with Tanita RD-901 Bluetooth Scale
  • Includes FREE Tanita Healthy Edge Mobile App (4 Users Only, Each User MUST Have Own Device With App, Available on iTunes)
  • Tracks running walking and daily life activities
  • Monitors calories expended and fat burned



 AM-160 Bluetooth Activity Monitor  Specification  Available
 Features  iPhone Compatible  4S or Newer
 Wireless  Bluetooth  Yes
 Power Supply  CR 2032 x 1  Included
 Warranty*  90 Days  Yes
 Accessories  Slide Clip  Yes
 Strap  Yes
 Measurements  Clock  Yes 
 Fat Burned  Yes
 Memory  Yes
 Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)  Yes
 Activity-related Energy Expenditure  (AEE)  Yes
 Calorie Consumption  Yes
 Activity Time  Yes
 Activity Distance  Yes
 Steps - Walk  Yes
 Steps - Run  
 Unit Weight  Ounces  0.9
 Grams  25.5
 Unit Size  Metric   7.4cm x 3.6cm 
 Imperial  2.9in x 1.4in


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