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UM-081 Body Fat/Body Water Monitor

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Tanita UM-081 Body Fat / Body Water Monitor

Proper hydration is essential for life. Maintaining a healthy body water % improves overall health and keeps you feeling energized and operating at peak performance. Tanita's new Scale plus Body Fat monitors with Body Water % calculate body water levels using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA), the same highly accurate method used in all our body fat monitoring products. BIA monitors body water % by sending a safe, low-level electrical signal through the body. Our body water scales are the first of their kind available for in-home use.

  • Monitors your weight, body fat and body water
  • 2 person memory model
  • Simple to use
  • Healthy range indicator
  • Guest mode

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Body Water %
  • 2 person memory
  • Guest Mode
  • Weight and body fat % recall

Capacity: 330 lb (150 kg)
Weight Increments: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
Body Fat Increments: 0.1 %
Body Water Increments: 0.1 %
Modes: Adult, Child (7-17), Weight Only, Guest
Power: 4 x AA batteries (included)