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 1584 Baby Model with the HD-351 Bundle


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Tanita Baby Model

The Tanita Baby model 1584 is one of our highest volume baby models due to the scale's durability, digital operation and cost. This, as well as all other infant scales we offer is portable and easy to transport. The most affordable of all Tanita's digital pediatric scales, the 1584 offers a generous weight capacity with 20 gram sensitivity. This lightweight pediatric model is very portable and easy to move from place to place. Standard features include weight lock-in, zero tare and auto power off. The Tanita Baby Model 1584 has a large 44 lb. weight capacity making it a great scale for your home nursery, pediatric office, day care or nursing facility.

Tanita HD-351 Digital Weight Model

Tanita digital bathroom models are known for accuracy, reliable performance, and unique features. The modern styling complements any environment, and the heavy gauge steel construction assures durability. The new HD-351 Tanita Digital Model has an extra-large 2.0", 2-line display that shows the current and previous weight reading for up to five users. The Tanita HD-351 has a low-profile, oversized platform with a weight capacity of 440 pounds, making it the first scale available in this price range to accommodate most users.

 4-year warranty, Dare to Compare.

1584 Key Features:

  • Easy to read LED display
  • Zero/tare function
  • Weight lock-in, 44 lb. capacity
  • Red LED Display
  • Auto power off function

HD-351 Key Features:

  • Manufactured and designed by Tanita in Japan
  • Extra-high weight capacity, maximum 440 pounds
  • Extra Large, low-profile, thin platform
  • 2-inch, 2 line extra-large, easy-to-read display
  • Shows current and previous weight for up to 5 users
  • Heavy duty design and construction


 1584 Baby Model  Specification  Available
 Capacity  Pounds   44
 Kilograms  20
 Increment Grams (g)  20
Ounces (oz)  1
 Features  Tare  Yes 
 Removable Basket  Yes
 Warranty*  Traditional 3 Years With Additional Year When Bought on  4 Years
 Functions  Weight  Yes
 Power  DC   Yes
 Unit Weight  Kilograms   2.5
 Pounds  5.4
 Platform Size  Metric   42cm x 70cm 
 Imperial  12.8in x 21.5in


 HD-351  Specification  Available
 Capacity  Pounds  440
 Kilograms  200
 Increment  Pounds  0.2
 Kilograms  0.1
 Warranty*  Traditional 3 Years With Additional Year When   Bought On  4 Years
 Features  Plastic Platform  Yes
 Power  AA x 4 Batteries  Included

 Additional   Functions

 User Memory  5
 Recall Function  Yes
 Unit Weight  Kilograms   2.5       
 Pounds  5.5
 Platform   Size  Metric   47.9cm x   44.3cm 
 Imperial  14.6in x   13.5n


Tanita Service: A Warranty Like No Others!

Tanita is pleased to provide you with an extra level of assurance that you will not be without your scale should a problem arise. We understand your scale is an important part of your business, should you experience a warranty failure in the first three years of ownership, Tanita will ship you a replacement product within 1 business day.

*Valid Only With Proof of Purchase (Receipt)

Optional Accessories:

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C-110 Carry Case

Baby Tray

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