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TBF-400 Bundle Includes TBF-400 Scale, Health Ware® Software, and USB Cable

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Includes TBF-400 Scale, Health Ware® Software, and USB Cable, Laptop NOT Included

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New From Tanita - TBF-400 Total Body Fat Analyzer

Industry’s leading 600 lb weight capacity!

The TBF-400 features an industry’s leading weight capacity of 600 lb (270 kg). The new oversized, low-profile platform is ideal for weighing the elderly and obese. And the user friendly LED lamp guided navigation make programming a simple operation. In less than 10 seconds a detailed analysis is provided on the built-in thermal printer, no need for special forms to keep cost of ownership low. Printed readings include Weight, Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Water Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Body Mass Index. Convenient indicator lights and graphs help the provider review the results. The TBF-400 can be configured as a portable model, or with a column kit to present a more clinical design.

EMR ready with multiple outputs, including USB Cable (Type A-Type B) and SD card. When used with Tanita Health Ware® Software the body composition data from the TBF-400 can be stored on PC to provide custom data recording, tracking, and analysis for an unlimited number of users.

(Comes packaged with an AC adapter 7V)


Optional Accessories: 

C-110 Carry Case

HR-200 Professional Wall Mounted Height Rod



  • Accurate Body Composition Readings
  • Uses Tanita Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • printout in just 20 seconds with readings for:
    • Weight
    • Fat %
    • Fat Mass
    • Fat Free Mass
    • Total Body Water %
    • Total Body Water Mass
    • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
    • BMI
    • Bioelectric Data (Resistance, Reactance)
  • Export data using the USB interface
  • Age Range: 7 - 99 years
  • >Multiple Modes of Operation:
    • Weight Only Mode
    • Athlete Mode
    • Goal Setter Mode
  • Indicator Displays readings for:
    • Weight
    • Fat %
    • Fat % Judgment (LED Lamp)
    • Fat % Healthy Range
  • Easy-to-use noninvasive technology
  • User Friendly LED Lamp Navigation
  • Easy loading printer paper
  • Compatible with Tanita Health Ware® Software
  • Calibrated up to 100,000 uses
  • Outputs: USB (Type B), RS-232, SD Card

Maximum Weight Capacity: 600 lbs / 270 kg
Minimum Weight Graduation: 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg
Measurement System: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Output Data Interface: USB (Type-B)
Power Source: AC Adapter (included)
Weight Of Equipment: 18.3 lbs / 8.3 kg
Weighing Platform Size: 15.3 x 15.6 x 2.2 in

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