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SC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer

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New From Tanita -
SC-240 Body Composition Monitor

The World's First Lightweight, Portable, High Capacity Body Composition Monitor

This FDA cleared body composition monitor is light and highly portable with a built in handle, yet fully featured for age ranges 18 and older, with a 440 lb weight capacity. Weighing just 10 lb, the large platform measures weight and instantly calculates body fat% and total body water% in addition to BMI onto a large LCD display. Offering in-depth individual analysis of body composition with clinically proven accuracy to provide a clearer picture than BMI alone as it highlights specific fat loss which is known to be more beneficial than just weight loss. By adding Tanita's Health Ware® Software (sold separately), you can achieve additional body composition analysis (fat mass, fat free mass, basal metabolic rate, total body water, and impedance, via the USB output to your personal computer).

Optional Accessory's:
Tanita Health Ware® Software

C-300 Carry Case, USB Cable (Type A-TypeB)
HR-200 Professional Wall Mounted Height Rod


  • Lightweight, high capacity scale and body composition monitor
  • Data immedately shown on the LCD display:
    • Weight (Ages 5-99)
    • Body Fat % (Ages 5-99)
    • BMI (Ages 18-99)
  • Modes of operation: body composition and weight only
  • Accepts standard and athlete adult profiles
  • Data accessible only using Health Ware® or compatible software:
    • Weight (Ages 5-99)
    • Body Fat % (Ages 5-99)
    • Fat Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Fat Free Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Body Water % (Ages 18-99)
    • Body Water Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Muscle Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) (Ages 18-99)
    • Metabolic Age (Ages 18-99)
    • Bone Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Visceral Fat Rating (Ages 18-99)
    • BMI (Ages 18-99)
  • Clinically proven accuracy with supporting validation
  • Highly portable monitor with built-in handle, weighing only 10 lb
  • Large, low-profile platform suitable for overweight or elderly patients
  • Includes adjustable feet
  • Compatible with Tanita Health Ware® Software

440 lb (200 kg) weight capacity
0.2 lb (0.1 kg) weight graduation
1.3" x 6.2" LCD display
Extra large platform (17.2 x 13.4 x 2.1 inches)
9V AC adapter (included)