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Bluetooth Radio Wireless Adapter

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Bluetooth Radio Wireless Adapter

The Bluetooth Serial Adapter offers plug play capability and converts specific Tanita product with an RS-232 connector to a radio wireless product. This eliminates the RS-232 cable and the need for an RS-232 port on your PC or other remote monitoring device. Wirelessly transmit measurements from Tanita professional analyzers and scales with RS-232 outputs. Data can be transmitted to Tanita HealthWare™, then exported to excel or .csv data for use in other medical record software programs.

The Bluetooth Serial Adapter is good for a range of up to 300 feet. It uses radio wireless technology to provide secure communications between the scale and the remote device. Pairing of the scale and remote device further enhances security of data transmissions.

Compatible with Tanita Health Ware™ Software

Works with the following scales:

  • MC-780U
  • DC-430U
  • TBF-400
  • BF-350
  • PH-740
  • PW-630U
  • TBF-410
  • WB-110A
  • WB-3000/WB-3000Plus
  • WB-800H plus
  • WB-800S plus
  • WB-800P plus
  • WB-800AS plus



  • Range: Up to 300 Feet