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BC-1500Plus Ironman Multi-Frequency, Segmental Wireless Body Composition Monitor with Heart Rate

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BC-1500 Plus Ironman Multi Frequency Segmental Wireless Body Composition Monitor with Heart Rate  

The most advanced technology from Tanita. Research has shown that using multi frequency provides essential data on intracellular and extracellular water. This advanced technology provides greater accuracy when calculating body composition measurements. Plus, a newly developed pulse measurement function provides a standing resting heart rate value that can be tracked along with body composition, linking cardiovascular health to body composition values and fitness.  

The BC-1500 Plus IRONMAN® from Tanita is the world’s only radio wireless segmental body composition monitor. Using ANT+ Radio Wireless Technology, and FDA Cleared Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, it represents the most advanced home health monitoring product, providing a whole new level in measuring your Competitive Edge. ANT+ provides a secure and straightforward wireless interface, simple plug and play. And Tanita’s exclusive BIA technology allows this monitor to not only measures weight and body fat, it also provides muscle mass, body water %, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat and rates body physique! This combination allows you to accurately monitor the impact of any diet and fitness program.

The BC-1500plus platform is designed to connect to your Windows personal computer running the free Healthy Edge Lite® Software (limited to 8 users) and other compatible hardware and software using ANT+ protocol to record, graph, and analyze data on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Upgrade to Healthy Edge Plus Software®, for unlimited users. You can also use the BC-1500 Plus with an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with the optional Tanita Wi-Fi Network Adapter (sold separately) and the free Tanita HealthyEdge Mobile app. The BC-1500 also communicates with the D-1100 Plus Ironman Remote Display (sold separately).

The BC-1500 Plus is much more powerful than standard body composition monitors. This unique product uses innovative retractable hand grip electrodes, along with standard feet electrodes. These eight BIA electrodes allow the BC-1500plus to provide a segmental review of the body. Why segmental? Simply put, segmental gives you more information than standard body composition monitors. It will provide individual body composition readings for each body segment: trunk, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg. The BC-1500 Plus is especially useful for anyone who is monitoring the balance of left and right side of body or trying to build or rehabilitate a particular part of one's body.

The BC-1500 Plus has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, comes packaged with Healthy Edge Lite Software (included), a USB Ant+ Stick (included) and operates for greater than 1 year on four AA batteries.

IRONMAN® and the “M-DOT” logo are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation. Official Product of the IRONMAN TRIATHALON. Used here by permission


  • Weight
  • Full Body fat %
  • Segmental Body fat% (including right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and trunk)
  • Total Body water %
  • Full Muscle mass
  • Muscle mass (including right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and trunk)
  • Physique rating
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Metabolic age
  • Bone mass
  • Visceral fat
  • 4 x AA batteries (included)

BC-1500 InnerScan Body Composition Monitor:

Capacity: 330 lb (150 kg)
Weight Increments: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)

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