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KD-310 Digital Kitchen Scale

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Compact Digital Lithium Kitchen Scale

The Tanita KD-310WH (White) Digital Kitchen Scale has a weight capacity of 105 oz. or 3 kg with a weight graduation of 1 gram for weighing between 0-3000 grams or 0.05 ounces for weighing between 0-105 ounces. This kitchen scale uses one CR2032 lithium battery (included) with the added convenience of an extended-life lithium battery power source.

  • White Finish
  • Removable and washable platform
  • 105 oz. / 3 kg weight capacity
  • Attractive and durable

Capacity: 105 oz. / 3 kg
Weight Increments: 0-105 ounces / 0.05 ounce (0-3000 g/ 1 gram)
Power Supply: 1 CR2032 lithium battery (included)